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Russia Supply Chain Provide  Business Advisory services – from planning and market research to full Support of your Business. We enable tax-break optimisation for imports for start up manufacturers and advise on efficient ways of setting up manufacturing in Russia. We can build the complete logistics chain from your country to Russia, including transportation; Federal Customs Service registration; Rospotrebnadzor, Roszdravnadzor, GOST-r registration and compliance; and Customs clearance. If you decide to open a Russian office or just decide to do business in Russia you are coming to the right people. We Provide Expert advice on: Supply Chain | Market research | Business planning and Feasibility | Business analysis and Optimisation | Human resources and recruitment Consulting | Logistics set up and Consulting

Our Online Magazine shares Knowledge and information, news and commentary. We review and report information for the Russian supply chain and logistics professional. One of our markets, the Russian automotive manufacturing sector, represents a significant Russian industry directly employing around 600,000 people and approximately 3 million in supporting industries or 5% of the Russian labour force. In 2010 Russia was the world’s 15th largest car producer and accounted for about 7% of worldwide production. As the sovereign debt crisis drags down the entire EU- zone Russia is the most important automotive region in the European periphery. Predictions are for the Russian market to grow until 2020 and surpass the 2008 peak in 2015. Russia will then overtake Germany as the largest automotive market in Europe with an anticipated 3 million plus car sales per year. Russian government initiatives have seen car manufacturers open plants in Russia and in turn, bring in their international component manufacturing partners. A new $ 40 billion per year is being built right now, as foreign companies open their manufacturing facilities in Russia’s regions.

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Alexander Rogan, CEO


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Alexander Rogan is a leading Authority on the development of supply and routes to and from Chains New Markets. He is a speaker on multimodal logistics; in difficult, challenging and evolving environments; and entrepreneurship. Mr. Rogan has over 25 years of experience in global logistics and supply chain services inc senior positions in Asia, Europe and the United States of America. He founded UK’s AJR International, a LSP specializing in the distribution of business critical info on behalf of the CEO’s of some of Europe’s biggest companies including Allied Domecq, BAE Systems, Barclays Bank, BHP Billiton, Cadbury’s, GlaxoSmithKline, HSBC, Imperial Tobacco, Rolls Royce Group etc. Mr. Rogan laterally founded AJR Logistics LLC, the first foreign-owned, independent niche logistics provider in the Russian Federation; who provide best in class delivery times, based at SVO and Moscow. The company provided world class logistics services in a difficult environment. Alexander launched his own magazine in 2012, in Russia “Russian Supply Chain”. ( www.russiasupplychain.com ) He has Spent time with Senior Government Officials and Russian Discussed the ongoing Infrastructure projects to Enhance Logistics and Trade Across the World’s Biggest Country. Mr. Rogan provides expert opinion and Consultancy on a wide range of logistics related topics including green field operations (plants and factories from scratch | new transport and rail infrastructure etc) in Northern and Eastern China; creating overland routes between China and Europe thus avoiding the unstable sea lanes following recent tensions in the China Seas.

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