Window to the west – Over the Caspian under the Carpathians

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Rail freight across the Caspian and under Carpathians Twenty years ago the idea that there would ever be a plethora of rail links between east and west was laughable. Trans Asian logisticians and supply chain specialists had to deal with under capacity and state owned, rail behemoths. Choice was non-existent and ‘flexibility’ was not an […]

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Is Central Asia in Russia’s or China’s backyard?

one belt one road map

China increased influence in Central Asia since the end of the USSR Former central Asian Soviet Republics, once bulwarks against China, are now Chinese partners. Beijing’s inexorable move into central Asia is at Moscow’s expense. Russia faces the very real danger of losing its regional hegemony.  Central Asia has always been considered a part of Russia’s ‘near […]

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Czar versus Sultan – who blinks first

Smetlivy Guided-missile destroyer incident location with Turkish ship

Turkey’s foreign minister said Ankara’s patience with Russia “has a limit” after Moscow’s “exaggerated” reaction to a weekend naval incident when a Russian Kashin-class guided-missile destroyer fired warning shots at a Turkish vessel in the Aegean, on December 13th, to avoid a collision. The Russian Defence Ministry issued a statement saying “On the 13 December […]

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Sukhoi, sanctions and a hard time ahead


Russian hammer to Erdogan’s belligerence Russia rapidly introduced customs control measures aimed at disrupting Turkish – Russian exports following the shooting down of a Russian Sukhoi SU 24 strike aircraft over Syria on 24th November by Turkish Air Force F-16 fighters. Further incensing the Kremlin and Russia in its entirety, one of the Sukhoi aircrew was murdered […]

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RZD Russian Railways loaded 105.2 million tonnes of freight

Russian Railways’ network loaded 105.2 mILLION tons of freight in August 2015, marginally down 0.6% from August 2014. Freight turnover in August 2015 increased by 1% compared to August 2015 and amounted to 193.6 billion tariff ton-kilometres. Freight turnover taking into account empty wagon runs increased by 0.6% to 247.3 billion ton-km. Loading in January-August […]

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