China’s Silk Road drive

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China’s Silk Road drive – 21st Century “Marshall Plan” China’s “Silk Road” drive is attracting investment from new players, eager to benefit from the new business opportunities. In a mixture of business acumen and geopolitics, new developments are springing up proving greater choice and, if to be expected, reduced pricing, as competition kicks in and […]

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RZD Russian Railways loaded 105.2 million tonnes of freight

Russian Railways’ network loaded 105.2 mILLION tons of freight in August 2015, marginally down 0.6% from August 2014. Freight turnover in August 2015 increased by 1% compared to August 2015 and amounted to 193.6 billion tariff ton-kilometres. Freight turnover taking into account empty wagon runs increased by 0.6% to 247.3 billion ton-km. Loading in January-August […]

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Chelnyvodokanal develops bio-methane power source in Tatarstan

Chelnyvodokanal, the KAMAZ regional water and sewage treatment subsidiary, has joined with experts from the Kazan State Power Engineering University to create a scientific-technical council of leading experts in the energy sector. The purpose behind the creation of the council of experts is to further cooperation between industry and local research centres in Tatarstan and […]

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Volkswagen releases 2012 results – sales and profits beat all records

Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen  financial results for 2012: With sales revenue of EUR 192.7 billion (prior year: EUR 159.3 billion), the Group’s operating profit of EUR 11.5 billion (EUR 11.3 billion) exceeded the prior-year record level. “The economic environment for our business became noticeably more difficult as the year progressed. Nevertheless, we succeeded in meeting the targets we set […]

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Внутренние инвестиции в республиках

«Определение стратегически приоритетных направлений развития республики, создание Агентства инвестиционного развития Республики Татарстан продиктовано пониманием и готовностью руководства республики оказывать содействие зарубежным и российским предпринимателям в комплексном сопровождении и реализации инвестиционных проектов на территории Татарстана. Руководство республики всегда поддерживает инвесторов, и напрямую заинтересовано в том, чтобы они приходили и запускали новые производства с высокой добавленной стоимостью, […]

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